Youth Tournament Volunteer - Island Training Centre

Position: Youth Tournament Volunteer

Purpose: Tournament Volunteers are responsible for specific tasks to aid in the efficient operation of a given tournament. Creating a fun an enjoyable tournament event experience for our participants.


Competition Assistant positions include

Ball Monitor

· Report to Field Manager

· Keep track of game balls and return them to their designated field.

· Retrieve spare balls if necessary.

· Act quickly so competition continues in a timely fashion.


· Report to your Field Manager and Tournament Co-ordinator

· Retrieve score sheets from officials at each field and take them to the
Field manager.

 · General assistant to Field Manager and Tournament Co-ordinator.

Line Judge

· Report to the officials assigned to your field.

· Call balls that go out of bounds in accordance with the rules for competition.

· Immediately communicate decisions to the official(s).

· Position yourself at or near the point the ball went out of play in order to
mark the throw-in.



· Report to your field manager.

· Keep the official scoresheet for competition at assigned field.

· Record all pertinent statistics and report final results to the field marshal.

· Alert the field manager immediately if there is a protest.

· Follow the official rules of competition while keeping score. Accuracy is important. In
the event of a question, the officials will use the scorebook to make crucial


Field Manager

· Report to the Tournament Co-ordinator.

· Serve as the primary contact for all 3 fields.

· Assist in maintaining the competition schedule by monitoring games and making
sure all competition volunteers are complying with rules and regulations and
doing their respective tasks with efficiency.

· Alert the tournament coordinator of any issues

· Record official scores and manage the tournament stages.



· Ability to communicate effectively

· Sports knowledge/experience is an asset

· Previous work or volunteer experience with children in group settings is an asset

· Ability to think quickly, multi-task and problem solve without immediate guidance.

· Positive and energetic personality

· Relevant certifications considered an asset include: First Aid


Additional details:

Position is volunteer

Tournaments are held on weekends and will include morning and evening shifts. 



Candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements to be considered:

Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person to whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Must be able to pass a criminal record check.

Please submit your resume and response to our pre-screening question via email to

Pre-screening question: 

Why do you want to volunteer to be a Tournament Volunteer?

Application Deadline: Open