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Pacific6s Holiday Classic Tournament

6 a-side soccer is 5 outfield players and a goalkeeper on a small indoor turf pitch (25X50 Yards). The game is fast, technical, and loads of fun.

Pacific6s Holiday Classic Tournament

The 2021 Pacific6s Holiday Tournament will run December 18, 19, 20. Team Managers can register by clicking the link below, fill out the team registration form and get ready for a great tournament! 


Each division will consist of 6 teams. 

All teams will play 4 games minimum.

Each player receives an awesome PFC Swag bag with their registration!


Age Group – Birth Year – Division – Tournament Date

  1. U7/U8 –     (2014/2015) – Girls – Dec 18
  2. U7/U8 –     (2014/2015) – Boys – Dec 18
  3. U9/U10 –   (2012/2013) – Girls – Dec 19
  4. U9/U10 –   (2012/2013) – Boys – Dec 19
  5. U11/U12 – (2010/2011) – Girls – Dec 20
  6. U11/U12 – (2010/2011) – Boys – Dec 20
  7. U13/U14 – (2008/2009) – Girls – Dec 18
  8. U13/U14 – (2008/2009) – Boys – Dec 18
  9. U15/U16 – (2006/2007) – Girls – Dec 19
  10. U15/U16 – (2006/2007) – Boys – Dec 19
  11. U17/U18 – (2004/2005) – Girls – Dec 20
  12. U17/U18 – (2004/2005) – Boys – Dec 20

Registration is now OPEN!

Registration will close at midnight on Wednesday December 10th.

**Please note- All PHO Covid-19 safety measures will be in place.


Team Registration – $500

  • Tournament format will be 6v6, including Goalkeepers. 

  • **U7/U8 Divisions will play 8v8 and U9/U10 Divisions will play 7v7.

  • A maximum of 10 players per team. If teams have more players, we recommend entering 2 teams. 

  • **U7-U10 divisions will allow for rosters of 12 players per team. 

  • Round robin- Each division will have 6 teams. Tournament organizers will create the round robin draw. Teams will not play all teams within their division of 6 teams.

  • Championship Rounds- Single elimination championship bracket.

  • Games will be 30 minutes long. 2- 15 minute halves with 3 minute half time.

  • Substitutes are unlimited and allowed on the fly.

  • Teams will receive points on the outcome of each game 

  • 3 points per win 

  • 1 point per tie 

  • 0 points for loss

  • Tie breakers- (Head to Head, Goals For, Goal Differential) will be calculated to determine where teams finish in the event of a tie. 

  • The winners of each division will receive a team trophy at the conclusion of the tournament. 

  • Swag Bags, Door prizes and 50/50 raffles will be available! 

Division          Day          Time

U7/U8             Dec 18      8:30am – 2:45pm

U13/U14        Dec 18      3:00pm – 9:00pm

U9/U10          Dec 19      8:30am – 2:45pm

U15/U16        Dec 19      3:00pm – 9:00pm

U11/U12        Dec 20      8:30am – 2:45pm

U17/U18        Dec 20      3:00pm – 9:00pm

Once registration is full/closes, team managers/captains will receive their team schedule. The schedule will also be posted on the ITC TeamSnap website (link will be provided).

  • Teams must wear the same colored jerseys as their teammates

  • Indoor turf shoes, running shoes and soft molded cleats can be worn. ABSOLUTELY NO Hard or Metal Cleats allowed. 

  • Shin pads must be worn while playing. 

Due to the fluid nature of Covid protocols, restrictions etc, we will update and provide Covid protocvols and details closer to the tournament dates.

Coaches, team manager and substitute players, will be the only people allowed to be on the turf/sidelines. 

Specific Entry and Exit doors (if needed) will be provided to each team/field prior to their arrival. 

As this tournament is tightly scheduled, please help us out by leaving the field of play promptly after your game is finished. There will be space for each team to take off their shoes after the game. The time in between games, will be used for next game warmup and exchanging equipment where necessary. 

An official match ball will be provided for each game. 

All games will be played at the Island Training Centre.

3299 Kettle Creek Crescent. Click here to get directions.

  • No food on the playing surface
  • Water only
  • Shin guards are mandatory
  • Only clean multis, or turf boots and sneakers are allowed on the turf
  • Absolutely no metal stud cleats
  • No gum

Are spectators going to be allowed to watch the games? 

Yes. As of today we are expecting to have spectators. In the event that PHO protocols prevent that from happening w will work to provide a viewing option.