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Goalkeeper Program

Powered by Pacific FC, Island Training Centre brings quality virtual programs into your living room. Join Pacific FC Head of Goalkeeping Mark Village to focus on in depth goalkeeper sessions as well as weekly Zoom video analysis sessions. 

Goalkeeper Program

We are excited to announce our latest round of Online Programming Powered by Pacific FC. Registration for the following programs will be open on Dash from Monday, June 15 at 7pm. If there are any questions about the online programing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our GM, Joe Wood, Technical Director James Merriman, or Head of Goalkeeping Mark Village.

  • Powered by Pacific FC – Training Shirt
  • 1X – Weekly Outline per week (PDF) 6 Total
  • 2X – Training Session Plans per week (PDF) 12 Total
  • 2X – Per Week YouTube Links (Access to PFC Video Library) 12 Total
  • 2X – Live Zoom Video Sessions per week (12 Total)
  • Path to Pro – Live Zoom sessions with PFC Coaches & Players – Discuss their
    Journey to become a professional athlete and what it takes.
  • Sport Performance – Live Zoom Session Zorn Stojkovic – Kizo Performance –
    Focus – Mental Toughness and GRIT.
  • Chris Hinton PFC Strength and Conditioning Coach – Live Zoom Session –
    Becoming a complete athlete, physical conditioning, nutrition, sleep and
  • Weekly Goalkeeper Zoom Video Analysis sessions with Mark Village

Registration for the following programs will be open on Dash from Monday, June 15 th
at 7pm.

  • U8 – U12 Online – Trident Development Program
    Cost – $149.99
  • U13 – U18 Online – High Performance Program – Powered by Pacific FC
    Cost – $149.99
  • U8 – U18 Online – Goalkeeper Program – Powered by Pacific FC
    Cost – $149.99
  • No food on the playing surface
  • Water only
  • Shin guards are mandatory
  • Only clean multis, or turf boots, flats and sneakers are allowed on the turf
  • Absolutely no 6 stud cleats
  • No gum

Do I need to purchase full training kit and tracksuit?

No. Although full training kit will be available for purchase. 

We will provide a training shirt. We ask that everyone wears this training shirt to every practice. 

What if I miss a week / session?

If you miss a training session then you will learn the content the following week as we review from week to week prior to moving onto a new reference/theme.

Do we play games in this portion of the Trident Program?

Unfortunately there are no games. Your club schedule is full of games so we will not overload you further with another games. We will save the games for the Spring Program.